Peter McGinley celebrates Bahrain as his home grand prix. Rob invents the Liam Neeson scale of race quality. Michael empathises with the world’s fax machine manufacturers. PLUS your chance to win McGinley’s doodle.

Last week Red Bull launched a thinly-veiled attack on Formula One by way of a glowing appraisal of the sport’s rapidly growing rival, the World Endurance Championship.

Again, it is not unlike Formula One to engage in such unhealthy levels of self-deprecation, and Red Bull’s spectacular outburst is only the latest symptom of deep intra-sport unrest.Read on The Roar

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The titanic battle between Ferrari and Mercedes at the Bahrain Grand Prix gave Formula One a taste of what could be a thrilling second act of the 2015 season.

Though the reigning championship team continues to hold a raw pace advantage, the desert circuit showed Mercedes is far from the infallible best it reached in its dominant 2014 campaign. Read More