The fight for the 2015 silverware may have ended long ago, but the final three dead-rubber rounds of the season concluding with the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on 29 November have been delicately setting the scene for an all-out brawl in 2016.

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The World Endurance Championship concluded its season with a resounding and confident confirmation that it knows what it is — it sits at the forefront of racing technology, sporting endurance, and contends for the world’s best drivers.

Formula One, will draw 2015 to a close this weekend knowing it has but three precious months to the 2017 regulation deadline to decide what it is — and despite its problems being far from terminal, months of internal wrangling have brought it is no closer to solving its existential crisis.
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Lewis Hamilton was robbed of victory at the Brazilian Grand Prix by some other driver, and frankly we couldn’t find it within ourselves to talk about anything else at all in the face of such an injustice.