We play the Wheel of Renault, Patrick Dempsey makes the jump from WEC to F1 (sort of), and Peter McGinley exercises self-censorship for possibly the first time in the history of the programme.

“The 84-year-old Briton talked to a farmers’ leader in front of a plastic cow in the fan village at the Spa circuit and then chugged from a litre of milk,” read a Reuters report heralding the glorious resumption of racing at the Belgian Grand Prix after the mid-season break.

Yet Bernie’s lactose miracle was in stark contrast with the rest of the weekend’s proceedings, which were dominated by bailiffs circling the Lotus garage in yet another example of a team on the wrong side of a contract dispute.Read on The Roar

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The Formula One season burst back into life as literally as possible at the Belgian Grand Prix after two eerily similar tyre failures plunged the sport’s tyre supplier Pirelli into controversy.

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