Freedom of the press, concerning to many for one reason or another, is something sport will have to face sooner rather than later. But then it is hardly the first and is unlikely to be the last, nor the biggest, issue to confront Formula One, particularly as it pushes into new territories.

However, burying its head in the sand, as Franz Tost’s response to the issue suggests is the case, does nothing to help the sport or its international standing and image.Read on The Roar

Michael is The Roar‘s expert F1 columnist.

The 2015 Hungarian Grand Prix was one of those rare unforgettable Formula One weekends — but it had nothing to do with the racing.

One week prior to the grand prix the deeply saddening news of former F1 driver Jules Bianchi’s death rocked the sport, and it has been in mourning ever since.

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Faster cars are not the silver bullet, and nor is increasing the noise – instead, put the humans back in the middle of the car. Allow the drivers to race based on their gut, and give strategists and engineers hurdles to jump throughout the race.

The beauty of this solution is that it’s easy: Formula One need only keep it simple. For all the excitement of the Hungarian Grand Prix, there was nothing complicated or artificial about it – it was just racing.Read on The Roar

Michael is The Roar‘s expert F1 columnist.